Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Release Date: September 24, 2010 
Studio: 20th Century Fox 

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Plot Summary: Shia LaBeouf stars with Michael Douglas, who'll reprise his Gordon Gekko role. Langella will play Lewis Zabel, an old-time broker who mentors LaBeouf's character, a young Wall Street broker. 

When Gekko comes out of prison, he essentially has to redefine himself, redefine his character, he's looking for that second chance.

LaBeouf portrays Jake Moore, who is the fiancé of Gekko's daughter, played by Carey Mulligan; Josh Brolin as the head of an investment bank; and Susan Sarandon as Jake's mother. Charlie Sheen, who played the central role of Bud Fox, a young trader, in the original, will make a cameo in the sequel. 

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Review: 6.5/10 rating