Saturday, April 23, 2011

the best i found in da worldwideweb frenzzz...

Want to get an easy job from home and also earn online via internet? Easy because it can be completed within 3-5 minutes and do not require high qualifications. Please join!

Microworkers is a website that allow people (worker) that willing to do easy works or micro jobs provided by others (employer) such as creating a link website, post reviews to website and blog, add to facebook, become a fan of group, follow on twitter, bookmark (digg / feedburner / website or article, subscribe youtube channel, fill out a survey. And for all that job, the employer will pay their workers with average between $ 0.1 – $ 3. That ‘s not much but if you can do 10-20 jobs a day the result is quite good. Another interesting part is everyone have a chance to act as employers as well as workers, so it’s like the concept of, a family edutainment park :)