Friday, March 23, 2012

macam mane mau support ni law selalu sangat kene HACK!!!...?


I would really like to support local(Malaysia)... but, when it become so wasting and irritating what would u do..?
Dear Mr Admin JomHosting,
I have sent u an email regarding my that been hacked :

Aiman Nevermind
Mar 14 (9 days ago)

to JOMHosting.NET
salam admin jomhosting,

TE4M-HaCKeR-OF-IR4Q. WaS HeRe. Hi Admin Hack BY: TE4M-HaCKeR-OF-IR4Q.
TeaM-HaCkeRS-0f-IRaQ .:Mr.HeMo:. EMAIL:: ...

acc / website saya kena hack dan saya rasa HACKERS yang sama.
minta bantuan dari pihak tuan...

Thank You,
Ai Man neverminD

It's has been 9 days ago, i wonder how u could host a website with this 'lampi' feedback...
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Daa... Nevermind What so Ever...