Sunday, October 23, 2011 what it's all about...?

Paydotcom is an affiliate network, owned by Mike Filsaime. It's was second largest after clickbank. There was a market place for vendor and affiliate to meet their need. If you're new to creating and selling products online, PayDotCom makes it a snap to get started. If you're a seasoned vendor, PayDotCom will save you a lot of money with its lower fees, and will make your data mining tasks much easier with its advanced reporting capabilities. Right now, i was on free try until i get big need to sale something to www level... Many IM said this Paydotcom so easy & so cheap, everyone will completely unrestricted by any charges, red tape & unnecessary steps, which means you can just concentrate on creating & marketing products. Being an affiliate network, Paydotcom will always be compared to the largest affiliate network, ClickBank. The two networks are very similar, since obviously they are providing the same service to their customers. One of the major differences is that Paydotcom does not charge for you to list your first digital information product in their marketplace. You are charged a percentage of each sale that is made. Also, if you are promoting products as an affiliate, you are charged a percentage of the commission you make as a fee. This is standard with affiliate network. It is how they make their money. Another advantage of using Paydotcom is that they pay you monthly with either a check or PayPal. Clickbank does not offer the option to be paid by PayPal. Also, there is no minimum amount of sales that must be made before commission is paid. Many other affiliate networks do require multiple sales before a payout is made. Paydotcom also allows was the first affiliate network that allows you to communicate with your affiliates by email. This is very helpful, because it allows you to give your affiliates information that can help them make more sales and, in turn, make you more money. There you get one more place to find money online. What u need just some time, learn and few simple step to get cash online... love ur 'feet' back, make me alive aimannevermind