Sunday, October 16, 2011

yosh!!!... salam or greating mankind... blogwalking..?

goodday my dear frenzzz...
glad to get back this sorrow spots again... after 3 month been under maintenance, at last... happy to have this chance to share with all my lovely friends... how u all doing..? fine with plenty of luck i hope...
been so long didn't post here, almost lost my track... but, don't worry... still know how this blogspot should be... hehehe
okay, how about if we start with a simply thing...
the importance of blog walking and comments in blog :

blogwalking n' comments really important elements to increase traffic... and then, we ask, is there any software for this jobs..?
even then, there are some asking... is there any auto software for blogwalking..?

Free Trial!

You can try it for free! Send an email to with subject "Spamshoutbox Free Trial" and you'll be given access to use this software for 1 hour for free!

Please apply only if you see SpamShoutbox online to maximize your free usage time

*** Only gmail and yahoo email are accepted ***

It will not shout at the same website over and over again to prevent spamming. It will check your URL/name or both before submitting your shout.
Can use proxy to shout
You can put as many URL in the list to shout at
You can configure the robot delay & timeout setting
Feedjit, GetClicky & Nuffnang traffic will be send if the website has one
Can shout even captcha protection is on
Shoutbox that can be shout at the moment:
Can put as many messages as you want and this application will randomly choose one to shout
Can save your own URL list. Currently, there are 24624 unique URLs in the database. You can use it to shout!
Web based software, no download needed!
It can send your shout/message to thousands of shoutboxes on the web with just one click! Automatically!
You can turned on/off features that will prevent it from spamming!

* it's not totally auto lorh... just make those jobs easier... but, to feel alive better with life...