Monday, July 16, 2012

Navigate Technology Trading - Let's get started

“The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is
- Madame Marie du Deffand

Congratulations! My sincere gratitude because you have already started
The first step to follow me. Your action is prove that you have the interest and enthusiasm to explore e-biz opportunities that I will share in this blog with more
It is true that the first step is the most difficult task in the life of every person. Why? Often the first step towards to your commitment to change various angles within and outside yourself. You need to escape from the norm. You need to get out of the comfort zone
Why should move away from the norm? The answer is, the tendency is still not take you to the direction you dream. Or, the norm is a long way. We have a Short life, why need to use a long way if you can choose to go the same direction using the other way shorter? In addition, this short street more attractive and fascinating. You also have more time to enjoy a dream of your success.
For starters, you need to learn and understand the rules, the formula and techniques for achieving your goals. To be the premier, you have to be like flu viruses. It
always evolved over time, circumstances and opportunities. The proof, though people are becoming more sophisticated, there is no vaccine or technology that can beat this prehistoric virus in total. That is called leading.
The content of this blog was written and compiled with care and collaboration from various sources, experience and experimentation continues. Method and the approach we pass briefly described and unpretentious but packed with information, formulas and techniques to date, effective and proven.
Make the information in this blog as a reference or general guidelines. I do not promise or guarantee of wealth or income of millions of dollars because I did not know you. I do not even know who you are. Whether the level of your potential. The extent of your commitment as good as the you should.
Please take time to understand the purpose of this post and spirit in this blog. Stay calm. You will not lose anything. I believe that, to maximize the receipt of information from this blog directly into your brain, requires the use of left brain and right brain harmonious and balanced so that it continues to stick up any time.
As a reminder, I would like to inform you that this blog not a text book or encyclopedia that you only use as a reference only. Or want to become a master or intelligent who only know how to speak good in theory.
I suggest you to practice. Tried and failed. Failed to complement the recipe for success, not stop point of success. You find much less poetic words and flowery since I'm not writers and literary countries. But I dare warrant that this blog will change the way you think and act in an e-entrepreneur become the Ultimate over the archipelago and globally! What are you waiting for? Latch the next page. The engine has been heated. Your journey is now start! YOSH!!!